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Sam Houston Free Frank

Senator Sam Houston Free Frank on Autographed Envelope. Framed [Texas]

Signed “Free Sam Houston”, as U.S. Senator from Texas, on autograph envelope to “R. A. Ewing, Esq., ex Sec, Hartford, Conn.” With February 2 postmark, Circa 1850s.

In sample frame.

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Political Broadside Supporting John Hancock’s Campaign for Governor of Massachusetts [Declaration Signer]

Signed in type by “Hosea”. One page. Circa 1787. Professionally conservation treated.

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Hugh McCulloch Free Frank

Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch Free Frank [Misc. Americana]

Signed "H. McCulloch" on envelope to Mrs. E. B. Washington. Postmarked January 22, Washington D.C. 5.75 x 3.5 inches.

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Edward Everett Free Frank

Edward Everett Free Frank [Senator]

Signed “Edward Everett” on autograph envelope to Daniel Hall. Postmarked June 21, Boston.

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John Hancock

John Hancock’s Signed Journals of Congress – Including Announcement of Cornwallis’ Surrender x: [Declaration Signer] [Military] (o:)

"Journals of Congress, and of the United States in Congress Assembled, for the year 1781, Vol. VII” By Order of Congress. David C. Claypoole: Philadelphia, 1781[2]. Original paper boards. This remarkable piece of history has been signed twice by Hancock with his usual flourish, first on the front cover and then at top of the front endpaper.

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Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine’s "Common Sense" Censored [Misc. Americana]

Fifteen years after Common Sense was published, it still infuriated the British government. This copy, published in London, left blanks in place of “objectionable” references to England or King George III. Pamphlet, Common Sense, Thomas Paine, London, 1791.

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Samuel Francis Smith AM

Autograph Manuscript, "One if by land, two if by sea." x: [Misc. Americana]

Autograph manuscript fair copy of Smith’s poem, April 19, 1894. At the top of page one, another hand has written: “Presented to Rev. W.E. Bartus by the confidential friend & literary executor of Dr. S.F. Smith Henry R. Carrington.”

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Charles Sumner Free Frank

Charles Sumner Free Frank [World History]

Signed “C. Sumner” to Howell Cobb. Postmarked August 23, [1849-1851], Boston. An intriguing association between the leading advocate of abolition in the Senate, and a leading proponent of slavery.

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John Checkley Book

x: John Checkley Book Re Freedom of the Press in Colonial Boston [Misc. Americana]


Sabin 12365 (2nd work, 1st ed), 40192. McCoy, Freedom of the Press C293. cf. Evans 2029. 12 x 19.5 cm.

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Henry Wilson Free Frank

Henry Wilson Free Frank [Misc. Americana]

Signed "H Wilson" on envelope to Samuel Morse. Postmarked November 29, Natick, Massachusetts. 14.3 x 8 cm.

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Henry Laurens Free Frank

Henry Laurens Free Frank [Misc. Americana] [Revolutionary War] (syy)

Signed “Henry Laurens”, as President of Continental Congress, on address leaf to Thomas Wharton, President of the Council of Pennsylvania. With recipient’s docketing, “ 177(8) Jany 1st from the honble Henry Laurens Esq President of Congress”. Conservation treated, with part of flaps well clear of address panel restored. 34 x 27 cm.

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George S. Patton Free Frank

George S. Patton Free Frank, as General [Misc. Americana] [Military]

Signed “G.S. Patton”, as General, on War Department envelope to Mrs. M. Sielicki. Signed only a month before the General’s death on December 21, 1945 from injuries sustained in a car accident on December 9th. Postmarked November 23, 1945, U.S. Army Postal Service A.P.O. Excellent condition. 9.9 x 22.7 cm.

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Clara Barton TLS

ww: Clara Barton Typed Letter Signed Regarding Her Desire to Help the First Aid Association [Famous Women] (hh)

Signed “Clara Barton” to General Roscoe G. Wells, First Aid Association of America. Three and one-third pages. February 17, 1910, Glen Echo, Maryland. Fine condition.

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Gerald Ford’s Signed Book

Gerald Ford’s 1980 Speech to the Republican National Convention Signed Book

Book signed “Gerald R. Ford” A Vision for America. Northridge, California: Lord John Press, 1980. First and limited edition, #36 of 500. Printed by the Castle Press.

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H. Iorys Hughes Wartime Plans

H. Iorys Hughes (o:) [World War II] Secret Wartime Plans For The Mulberry Harbors, The Mobile Ports Which Played An Important Part In The Success Of The D-Day Landings (POR) [World History]

The drawings prepared by H. Iorys Hughes for the Mulberry Harbors used in the Normandy landings of June 6, 1944 comprising nine detailed engineering drawings, plans, and diagrams, showing views, elevations and longitudinal and cross sections of “Reinforced Concrete Jetties -- to be sunk in place,” steel bridges, working platforms, decks, and yard, including designs for the “method of putting bridges in place” and method of “launching of slung span” and of “cantilever type,” neatly drawn and labeled, with specifications, in pencil. The series are numbered as Sketches 1 to 9, eight signed by Hughes in ink and dated between July 17 and August 6, 1942.

Individual descriptions of the sketches are listed below. Each sketch is professionally conserved, matted and mounted in an ultra-violet filtered mounting package, ready to be placed in a frame. A superb collection.

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Associate Justice Levi Woodbury ALS

Levi Woodbury Autograph Letter Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Associate Justice Levi Woodbury Autograph Letter Signed Jan 12, 1839.

Addressed in his holograph on integral leaf with signature penned at top of address panel beneath "Free.

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Edward S. Curtis Photo Signed

Edward S. Curtis Photograph, "The Vanishing Race", Signed [Misc. Americana]

Signed “Curtis” in ink on lower right corner of brown-toned platinum print. With his copyright studio blindstamp on the image, mounted on heavy card, 1904. The quality of examples of this image varies enormously; this is one of the finest we have seen. This is one of Curtis’ most famous images, exhibiting his quintessential view of the plight of Native Americans. Professionally conserved. 13 x 10 inches.

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Shubael Johnson DS

Shubael Johnson Document Signed x: [Misc. Americana]

Document signed “Shubael Johnson,” Hartford, Connecticut, February 17, 1783; one page, as receiver of wages due to John Taylor for service in the Continental Army. Document signed “X [John Taylor],” Camp Highlands, February 3, 1783; one page, authorizing Johnson to collect Taylor’s military pay.

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Hugh McCullough ALS

Hugh McCullough Autograph Letter Signed: "The golden age... is with us and before us" [Misc. Americana]

Signed “Hugh McCullough” to Rev. E.F. Stickland D.D. One page. December 17, 1883, Washington, D.C. 5 x 8 inches.

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Ebenezer Elmer ALS

sold: Ebenezer Elmer Autograph Letter Signed regarding the Louisiana Purchase x: [Misc. Americana]

“...It was a transaction between two sovereign foreign nations, & at a time when we were not on friendly terms with the one to whom the Cession was made; & that by the laws of Nations we had no right to make a demand for any information on the subject... Besides no Legislative act at present could possibly grow out of any information we might receive; especially as negotiations in various ways are now pending on the subject. The Fed[eralist]s objected violently against that part of the resolution which confides in the wisdom of the Executive, & proposes to wait the result of Negotiations.The genius of our Government refers to the intercourse with foreign nations to the executive; I know of no legislative act that could consitutionally be made before the result of negotiation is known but a declaration of war, & that would doubless be folly in the extreme at present...”

Autograph letter signed “Eben. Elmer” as Congressman to unknown recipient, two pages; Washington City, January 14, 1803.

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Jefferson Davis ALS

Jefferson Davis Autograph Letter Signed [Confederate Document]

Autograph letter signed “Jefferson Davis” to Mr. Clegg. Two pages. September 3, 1885, Beauvoir, Mississippi.

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Jawaharlal Nehru SB

Jawaharlal Nehru Autobiography Signed [World History]

Book signed, “Jawaharlal Nehru” Jawaharlal Nehru, An Autobiography, New Edition including a supplementary chapter entitled Five Years Later. London, 1955. President Nehru inscribed this book to opera singer Marion Anderson just a few years before her legendary – and controversial – performance in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington. A superb association.

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Oration: Treaty of Paris

Oration on the Treaty of Paris x: [Misc. Americana] [Military]

Pamphlet: Levi Frisbie, An Oration delivered at Ipswich At the Request of a Number of the Inhabitants, On the Twenty-ninth of April, 1783; On Account of the Happy Restoration of Peace, Between Great-Britain and the United States of America. Boston: Printed by E. Russell, 1783.

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James Irwin

James Irwin Check Signed. Framed [space]

Signed “James B. Irwin” for $395 to Imperial Plumbing and Heating. June 16, 1989.

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Blackwell Island/Roosevelt Island

Blackwell’s Island (Roosevelt Island) Indenture [Misc. Americana] (syy)

“...and to theirs and assigns forever all that part of an Island in the East River in the County of New York...”

Document signed “Samuel Blackwell” and “Mary Blackwell”, four pages, April 15, 1787.

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ww: Admiral Nimitz Typed Letter Signed

Admiral Nimitz writes of the hardest decision he had to make during World War II. Typed Letter Signed.

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Roger B. Taney Autograph Document Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Autograph document signed “R. B. Taney” March 25, 1803.

20.1 x 32.6 cm.

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Robert B. Taney

Roger B. Taney Draft Summons Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Signed “R. B. Taney”, as Attorney for Joseph Chenoweth. One page with rare full signature “Roger Brooke Taney” on docket. April 11, 1820. 20.1 x 24.8 cm. Conservation tape on fold tears, on reverse. Bold signature. Good condition.

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ww: The First and Best of its Kind - Memoir of Nathan Hale

Booklet, "Memoir of Captain Nathan Hale" 16p. octavo, printed by S. Babcock, New Haven, Connecticut, 1844, First edition, dedicated for the Hale Monument Association. A fine recounting of the life and death of the great American patriot, with presentation inscription by J.W. Boynton on cover. Worn at spine.

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David J. Brewer Supreme Court Justice

David J. Brewer Autograph Note Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Signed “David J. Brewer Associate Justice Sup CT US”. September 26, 1908.

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Harold H. Burton Photo Signed

Harold H. Burton Photograph Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Photograph Signed "Harold Burton".

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Harold Burton TLS

Harold Burton Typed Letter Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Signed "Harold H. Burton", as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. One page to Raymond E. Guiles. October 13, 1945, Washington D.C. 15.6 x 21.7 cm.

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Charles Evans Hughes TLS

Charles Evans Hughes Typed Letter Signed Regarding Introduction to U.S. Diplomatic and Consular Representatives [Supreme Court Justice]

Signed “Charles E. Hughes”, as Secretary of State, to John Freeman. One page on mourning stationary with matching envelope. August 4, 1923, Washington D.C.

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Byron R. White TLS

Byron R. White Typed Letter Signed [Supreme Court Justice]

Signed “Byron R. White”, as Deputy Attorney General, to Raymond E.Guiles. One page. February 2, 1961, Washington, D.C. 17.8 x 22.8 cm.

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William Jennings Bryan

William Jennings Bryan Sends His Speeches to His Mother [Congressman] [The House Of Representatives] [Misc. Americana]

Speeches of Congressman Bryan Of Nebraska, In The House Of Representatives, During The 52nd and 53rd Congresses, with “Mother” embossed on cover, and two page inscription by Bryan to his mother on both sides of front flyleaf. Circa 1894.

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sx: Post Civil War Dissection Instruments

Dissection Kit. Nine Post Civil War dissection instruments, with wooden case. Carved with the initials “E.M.S.” and a star. The hinge of the case is slightly bent, otherwise in good condition. A fascinating relic! 16.8 x 5.8 x 3.5 cm.

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Oliver Ellsworth DS

ww: Oliver Ellsworth Document Signed requesting reimbursements during the American Revolution x: [Misc. Americana]

Miscellaneous requests for pay including the care of sick soldiers “...W. Abigail Thompson £5.13 ~ for Expense of her sons Sickness returning from Camp 1775 ¾ to Doct Jared Potter £2 ¾ for Sundries to a Continental Sick Soldier in this State ¾ to Merriman Cook £3.4.9- for Expense of his Sickness on his way home from Service in the Militia at N. York & to John Osborn £ 1-2:4 - for the same purpose _...”

Document signed “Oliv: Ellsworth”, one page; Hartford, January 14, 1777.

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Map Of Manhattan, 1893

Map Of Manhattan, 1893 [Misc. Americana]

“Colton’s Map of New York City (South of 93rd Street)”

In two sections bound in book, 1893.

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Judah Benjamin LS

Judah Benjamin Letter Signed [World History] (syy)

One page on Confederate War Dept. letterhead to G.W. Humphreys, Esq., refusing to accept a company of Light Artillery from Mississippi for the Confederate Army. February 17, 1862.

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kg: Political Pamphlets [slavery content] [Senate] [House of Representatives]

Group of 30 Slave Related Pamphlets from speeches of the Houses of Representatives and Senate, with slavery content

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kg: [b] The Triumphal Entry of Royal Troops into New York. [Misc. Americana] Framed. f: FT Exhibit

Der Einzug der Königlichen Völcker in Neu Yorck / L’Entré triumphale de Troupes royales a Nouvelle Yorck, original color print, engraved by F. X. Habermann. Titles in German and French. Augsburg, Germany, ca. 1776.

Was on exhibit at Fraunces Tavern, in the Wall Street section of NYC.

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kg: bn: Sullivan Bothers’ Memorial Collection [World War II]

Collection of 8 letters, 2 photographs and a typewritten program for the “Sullivan Brothers Dedication Ceremonies,” all relating to a special service on June 12, 1952, honoring the five Sullivan Brothers, lost in the sinking of the U.S.S. Juneau of Guadalcanal in World War II.

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Bx1: South Carolina Secession Broadside: The Union is Dissolved [Charleston & Fort Sumter Document]

Broadside: The Union is Dissolved. Charleston, SC, December 20, 1860. 1 page. 18x13.5 cm. Very rare edition, printed between December 20 and December 29, 1860.

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kg: Gazette of the United States Newspaper [Slavery Content] [Finance content]

Gazette of the United States Newspaper Saturday, June 30, 1792

Front page contains the "CONSTITUTION OR FORM OF GOVERNMENT FOR THE STATE OF KENTUCKY." Also on the front are two notices regarding runaway slaves, one offering a $30 reward.

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Sold: The Massachusetts Centinel: full printing of The New Federal Constitution x:

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kg: sold: An Examination of the President’s Reply Pm: Inscribed to Justice Kent [Supreme Court Justice]

An Examination of The President’s Reply to the New-Haven Remonstrance; with an Appendix containing The President’s Inaugural Speech, The Remonstrance and Reply.

Pm, New York, 1801 Inscribed on top of pamphlet "For the Honorable Judge Kent from his most able Sevt [servant] James M. Hughes

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Alan B. Bean Document Signed

Alan B. Bean Document Signed Regarding His Reaction to Sputnik [Space] [Misc. Americana]

Signed "Alan Bean". One page on NASA letterhead. n.d., n.p.

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Union Pacific Railroad Broadside

kg:: Union Pacific Railroad Broadside [Misc. Americana]

Mathews, Northrup and Co.: Buffalo. Issued by an Indianapolis travel agent circa 1880-1900. Printed in two colors (red & black). Advertising the speed and convenience of travel on this famous railroad with a profusely illustrated “skeleton map” on verso. Several short margin tears, light soil and normal folds.

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Sold: Broadside: $100,000 to Capture Jefferson Davis [s]

AmerIca’s Most Wanted

Small Broadside, Washington, D.C., May 2, 1865. This handbill implicates the Confederate leadership in the Lincoln assassination plot. The idea that the Confederate government was involved in the assassination was soon abandoned. [LINCOLN ASSASSINATION] Johnson, Andrew.

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John Peter Zenger

John Peter Zenger Broadside Manuscript Document Signed Declaration--- The New York Printer Who Paved The Way For Freedom Of The Press (o:) cFT (syy)

Broadside manuscript document signed “Peter Zenger,” on paper (16 1/8 x 12 ½ in.), written in a clerical hand, as witness to a declaration made by Johann Daivd Wolff concerning the latter’s claims on monies and debts in Germany; New York, 2 November 1731 Also witnessed by Thomas Richardson and Thomas Brown, signed by Robert Lurting as mayor of New York and four aldermen, ordering “the Seal of the City of New York to be affixed,” and notarized by clerk William Sharpas, with embossed paper seal of the city and silk ties. With a 5½ page German-language ancillary document, being a specification of the debt and a copy of the deed. Principal document lightly browned and with a few stains, attachment more generally soiled and worn at edges.

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Sold: South Carolina Secedes - Charleston Mercury Extra – The Union Is Dissolved!

Historic broadside announcing South Carolina’s secession from the Union. Printed in Charleston on December 20, 1860, starting about 15 minutes after the secession ordinance was passed. As South Carolina was the first state to secede, this broadside is the first Confederate publication. 12”x24”.

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William Samuel Johnson MDS

On Hold: William Samuel Johnson Manuscript Document Signed [Misc. Americana]

Manuscript document signed, "Wm:Saml:Johnson," a petition for settlement in New Hampshire. Stratford, Conn., 5 April 1773. 1 1/4 pages, folio.

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William Samuel Johnson DS

William Samuel Johnson Partial Document Signed [Misc. Americana]

Partial document signed "Wm.Saml.Johnson". A portion of a writ, Stratford, 12 March 1776. 1 page.

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kg: Newspaper Reports Identification of John Wilkes Booth Body and Surrender of Johnston [NL:]

Occupied Danville Newspaper Reports The Identification of Booth’s Body and The Surrender of Johnston..... Newspaper, THE SIXTH CORPS, Occupied Danville, Virginia, May 5, 1865, 2pp., with reports on “Booth’s Plot”; “Identification of Booth’s Body”; “The Surrender of Johnston”; “The Rebel Ram Stonewall on a Cruise”; and “Geneal Wilson’s Raid”.

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Considerations On The Present Situation Of Great Britain and The United States Of North America With A View To Their Future Commercial Connections [Finance] [World History]

London: J. Stockdale, 1784. viii,3-157,[1]pp. Half title. Antique style half calf and marbled boards. Old library stamp and tape repairs on half title. Last leaf trimmed close, slightly affecting text on verso. Still very good.

w33409, dlj 1044.

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ww: Manuscript Receipt Issued by Connecticut State Auditors to John Lawrence, Continental Loan Officer for that State [Finance]

Hartford. August 8, 1783. [1]p., docketed on verso. Light fold lines. Bright and clean. Very good. w33457

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ww:: Treasury-Office ... I certify that...has lodged in this office the following notes... [Finance]

Np, but likely Hartford. August 4, 1789. Partially printed form, 7 1/2 x 61/4 inches, completed in manuscript. Docketed on verso. Ornamental border. Near fine. w33660

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ON HOLD z:: By the King, A proclamation against exportation and buying and selling of gold and silver at higher rates than in our mint: as also against our culling, washing or otherwise diminishing out current moneys.

London: John Bill and Christopher Barker, 1661. 4,[1] leaves. Printed on five separate oblong folio sheets, mounted on stiff card. Minor dust soiling, with the ex-lib. mark of the Bibliotheca Lindesiana. Good. w33325

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ww: Acts and laws passed by the great and general court or assembly of the State of Massachusetts. [Finance]

Boston: Printed by Benjamin Edes and Sons, 1780. pp.279-309 (complete). Folio. Dbd. Final leaf nearly detached. Very good.

w33481, dlj 140.

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ww: Manuscript receipt for Beef Tax received during the Revolution. [Finance]

For Soldier’s Tax and Beef Tax. Ma. March 9, 1782. [1]p. on 3 x 7½-inch sheet. Two old folds, lightly wrinkled at edges. Very good. W33456, dlj 160.

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ww:: Richard Varick Endorsed Petition. [Finance]

Manuscript. Folio. [8] pp. New York. Feb. 6, 1794. Gathered signatures. Four-inch split along horizontal fold. Contemporary blindstamp seal of New York State. Clean. Very good. W33528, dlj 209.

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ww:: Letter From George Partridge to Elbridge Gerry. [Finance]

[Autograph letter, signed, from George Partridge, Delegate to the Continental Congress from Massachusetts, to fellow delegate Elbridge Gerry, Also of Massachusetts, Regarding new taxes]. [ Boston]. May 5, 1780. [3]pp., docketed by Gerry on verso of second leaf. Minor edge wear. Light fold lines. Four-inch tear along one fold. Some spotting on left edge of first leaf where the two leaves were previously joined. Overall very good. w33377, dlj 65.

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ww:: Timothy Pickering Writes in Regard to Veterans’ Pensions. [Finance]

[Manuscript letter, signed, from Secretary of War Timothy Pickering to Nathaniel Appleton regarding payment to invalid pensioners in Massachusetts]. [Philadelphia]. Aug. 14, 1795. [1]p. in a secretarial hand, on a folio sheet. Small split at center fold with no loss of text. Very good. w33374, dlj 63.

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Revolutionary War Manuscript [Finance] [Military]

[Manuscript pay certifications from the town of Sutton, Massachusetts]. [ Sutton, Ma.]. Feb. 26, 1781. [1]p. Folio. Moderate to heavy edge wear, several short tears in from edges, minor spotting. Very good. w33394, dlj 187.

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ww: Facsimile Printing of George Washington’s Account of Expenses During the Revolutionary War [American President] [Finance] [Military]

George Washington: Washington. 1833. [55]pp. Folio. Contemporary half morocco and marbled boards. Boards a bit rubbed, worn at spine ends. Bookplate on rear pastedown. Internally near fine. w33187

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Address and recommendations to the States by the United States in Congress assembled. [Finance] [The House Of Representatives]

By Order of the Hon. House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1783. 62pp. Modern three quarter calf and marbled boards, spine lettered in gilt. A very good copy. w33191A

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ww:: Oliver Wolcott Signed Interest Certificate Issued to Timothy Cowles [Finance] [Military]

INTEREST. £1. FOR THE PAYMENT OF.... Hartford: Hudson and Goodwin, [1789]. Broadside form, 3½ x 6 ¾ inches, completed in manuscript. Trimmed along left edge with slight loss to text. Cancellation hole, one inch in diameter, through center affecting three words and part of signature. Bright and clean. Very good. W33241, dlj 191.

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ww: A Letter from Lieutenant General Sir Henry Clinton, K. B. to the commissioners of public accounts relative to some observations in their seventh report, which may be judged to imply censure on the late Commander in Chief of His Majesty’s Army in North America. [Finance] [World History] [Military]

London. 1784. 31,[1]pp. Modern three quarter morocco and paper boards, spine lettered in gilt. Bookplate on rear pastedown. A very clean, near fine copy with wide margins. w33230

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ON HOLD z:: [Madison, James, et al]: Address and Recommendations to the States...

Address and Recommendations to the States, by the United States in Congress Assembled. Philadelphia, Printed; Hartford, Reprinted: Hudson & Goodwin, 1783. 50,[28]pp. (lacks final two leaves of text, supplied in expert facsimile), plus folding table. Quarto. Half morocco and marbled boards. Titlepage foxed, text evenly tanned. Very good. w33231

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ww: Observations on Mr. Stedman’s history of the American War by Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, K.B. [World History]

London. 1794. [2],ii,34pp. Quarto. Gathered signatures, stitched as issued. Titlepage and final page a trifle soiled, else a near fine copy, untrimmed. W33312

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Revolutionary War Privateer: Autographed Letter, From One Samuel Brown to an Unamed Uncle, Regarding the Confiscation of a Letter [Finance] [Military]

Revolutionary War Privateer, Signed. Boston. June 23, 1782. [2]pp. A nice example of how regular privateering plagued private business during the close of the Revolution. w33387.

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ww: Anno Vicesimo Georgii III Regis...an act to amend an act...as relates to the preventing the clandestine conveyance of sugar and paneles from the British colonies and plantations in America into Great Britain [Finance] [World History] [Import / Export]

This British law amends a previous ban on American sugar by adding that if any such goods should be discovered, they should be viewed the same as foreign goods. All the required fines and duties would then apply.

London. 1779. [4]pp. Dbd. Bright and clean. Very good. w33396

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ww: Manuscript tax assessments submitted by the town of Hadley, Massachusetts to Henry Gardner as Treasurer of that State. [Finance]

[Massachusetts]: [Hadley. Sept. 14, 1782]. [1]p., docketed on verso. Light fold lines. Very good. w33476

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ww: The Independent Chronicle and the Universal Advertiser. [Finance]

Boston: Printed by Nathaniel Willis, April 27, 1780. Vol. XII, No. 609. [4]pp. folio newspaper, printed in three columns. Dbd. Tideline along inner margin. Trimmed at outer edge. Good.w33477

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kg: ww: The Independent Chronicle and the Universal Advertiser

[Boston Newspaper]: THE INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE. AND THE UNIVERSAL ADVERTISER. Boston: Printed by Nathaniel Willis, Sept. 13, 1781. Vol. XII, No. 681. [4]pp. folio newspaper, printed in three columns. Woodcut headpiece. Dbd. Slight fading. Trimmed close along lower edge, loss of three words on recto of second leaf. Few small fox marks. Minor separations along gutter. Modern archival tape affixed to recto of second leaf. Contemporary ownership signature at head of first leaf. Very good. w33494

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ww: Manuscript Document regarding tax assessments for Rochester, New Hampshire. [Finance]

Manuscript on a 3¼ x 7½-inch sheet. [Rochester, Hampshire]. Feb. 6, 1782. [1]p. A few old ink blots, but generally readable and very good. W33527

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Partly Printed Documents: Ordnance Returns for the Atlanta Campaign [Civil War]

Five partly-printed documents for the 102nd New York Regiment, Companies D, E and F, dated between May 15 and September 30, 1864. The forms list inventories and expenditures of ammunition and weapons used during the Atlanta Campaign.

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Georgia Tax Forms [Civil War]

Georgia Soldier’s Tax Forms: Group of five Georgia soldier’s small tax forms, partly printed, for 1862, September 26, 1863, December 10, 1864, December 19, 1864, and December 20, 1864, evidencing payments made. Described on the forms variously as "Confederate Tax," "Soldiers’ Tax," "General Tax” and War Tax," to the State of Georgia. With a State of Georgia $10 bill, January 15, 1862, with an image of Ceres with sack of grain. Signed by Comptroller Miocatt and Treasurer Ina Jones.

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John Dahlgren Autograph Note Signed regarding U.S. Navy Bombardment of Fort Sumter [Charleston & Fort Sumter Document] (syy)

John A. Dahlgren, autograph note signed ("Jno. A. Dahglren") to unidentified friend, Off Charleston, 5 November 1863. 1 page.

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