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George Washington ALS

George Washington Autograph Letter Signed regarding last minute orders as he leaves for Yorktown x: [American President] [Military] (o:)

Washington orders "the Corps of Sappers and Miners to be part of the Troops which compose the first embarkation of our army." Autograph letter signed by Washington to Major General Benjamin Lincoln, [Head of Elk, Md, September 7-8, 1781].

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Gerald R. Ford

Gerald R. Ford White House Envelope Signed to Seymor Halpern, a Congressman and Noted Autograph Collector [American President]

Signed "Best Wishes, Gerald R. Ford." 7.75 x 4.5 inches.

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William Henry Harrison LS

William Henry Harrison Letter Signed regarding preparations for the Battle of the Thames x: [American President] [Maritime Document] [Military]

“I am so well persuaded that the government will approbate the measure of receiving the men whom you may bring with you above the contemplated 2000 that I will not hesitate to say that I will accept them - Every thing is in a fair train for the commencement of operations upon your arrival -Our fleet is now off Sandusky bay - I shall go down to it tomorrow morning and take with 70 men to act as marines - I wish the Comodore to go immediately to Malden and endeavour to bring the enemy to action …” Letter signed “William Henry Harrison” as Brigadier General, to Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky, two pages with free frank also signed “Genl Harrison” on integral address leaf; Head Quarters Seneca Town [Ohio], August 18, 1813.

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James Madison, James Monroe

James Madison, James Monroe Mediterranean Ship’s Passport Signed [American President] [Maritime Document]

Document signed "James Madison" as President and "Jas Monroe" as Secretary of State; November 07, 1811. One page on parchment with scalloped top with engraved pictures of sailing ship and lighthouse, with white paper seal of the United States.

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James Monroe DS

James Monroe Land Grant Signed [American President]

Signed “James Monroe”, as President, and “Geo:[rge] Graham”, as Commissioner of the General Land Office. One page on vellum with white wafer land office seal. May 24, 1824. Fine condition. Top right margin has 1/2 inch diagonal piece missing, well clear of text. B3/7. 35.4 x 25.3 cm.

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George Washington LS

George Washington Letter Signed Regarding The Promotion of Benedict Arnold, The Posting of Israel Putnam to Guard The Hudson Highlands and Clothing His Troops x: [American President] [Military] (c: FT Exhibit) (o:)

Letter signed “Go Washington” as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, to General Alexander McDougall, one and a half pages; Morristown, [New Jersey], May 16, 1777. Text in the hand of Washington’s Aide-de-camp Tench Tilghman.

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James Madison Free Frank

James Madison Free Frank with Autograph Letter Signed from William Thornton Re Patent requirements [American President]

Autograph letter signed by William Thornton as Superintendant of the Patent Office, sent under cover of free frank signed by James Madison as U.S. Secretary of State, one page, April 26, 1806. 9.75 x 7.75 in.

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Gerald R. Ford  DS

cxs: Gerald R. Ford Signed Copy of Pardon of Richard Nixon [American President]

A souvenir copy. Signed “Gerald R. Ford”, as President. One page on White House letterhead. Dated in type September 8, 1974, [but signed later]Washington D.C. 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Circular Letter Signed regarding the embargo of 1808 against British commerce x: [American President] [Declaration Signer]

“...all regard to the rights of others have been thrown aside, the belligerant powers have beset the highway of commercial intercourse with edicts which, taken together, expose our commerce and mariners... We have wished war with neither [England or France].”

Circular Letter Signed “Th: Jefferson” to Thomas Burnes and the inhabitants of the town of Gilmantown, New Hampshire, three pages; September 23, 1808, with address leaf free franked “Th: Jefferson Pr. U.S.”

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James Monroe and John Q. Adams Signed Patent

ww3: James Monroe as President and John Quincy Adams Signed Patent for Improvement in Archimedian Screws [American President] [Science & Technology]

Document signed "James Monroe" as President and "John Quincy Adams" as Secretary of State, and "W[illia]m Wirt" as Attorney General to James Cooper; Washington, D.C., December 14, 1819, one page, vellum, with white paper presidential seal and ribbon. Includes a one-half page description of the invention: “The improvement consists in doubling the spiral chamber that carries the water, instead of its being a single channel, as is the case in the Archimedian Screw.”

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Benjamin Harrison ALS

Benjamin Harrison Autograph Letter Signed Recommending Reverend Allen Randolph for Chaplain Post in the Army [American President] [Civil War]

Signed “Benj. Harrison”, as Colonel in the 70th Indiana Infantry. One page. October 11, 1864, Indianapolis, Indiana. 19.7 x 25 cm. Harrison’s Civil War letters are scarce.

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ww: Dwight D. Eisenhower Typed Letter Signed [American President]

Content: Acknowledging Christmas Wishes

Typed letter signed “Dwight D. Eisenhower”, as Chief of Staff, to Mrs. Martha Sielicki, one page with original envelope; Washington, D.C., January 21, 1948. 17.8 x 22.8 cm

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Woodrow Wilson DS

Woodrow Wilson Signed Military Commission [American President]

Document signed "Woodrow Wilson" as President and "Lindley M. Garrison" as Secretary of War; October 24, 1914, one page on vellum, with engravings of eagle and colors and equipment and with blue wafer seal of the War Office.

"Know Ye, That reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of Philip Work, I have nominated, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint him First Lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States."

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Woodrow Wilson DS

ww: Woodrow Wilson Signed Military Commission [American President]

“To all who shall see these presents greeting: Know Ye, That reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of Edwin St. J. Greble and do appoint him Brigadier General in the service of the United States.”

Document signed “Woodrow Wilson” As President and “Newton D. Baker” as Secretary of War; Washington, D.C., October 13, 1916, vellum, and engraved eagle and “E Plurbis Unim” motto, and with blue paper War Office seal.

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On Hold: Print: "The First Reading of the Emancipation Proclamation Before the Cabinet". Framed [American President][s]

Print by F. B. Carpenter from the original 1864 painting at the White House in 1866.

In sample frame. New frame is extra.

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Abraham Lincoln DS

Abraham Lincoln Signed Four Language Ship’s Sea Letter [American President] [Maritime Document][s]

“TO ALL WHO SHALL SEE THESE PRESENTS, GREETING: BE IT KNOWN, That leave and permission is hereby given to Abraham Osborn Jr master or commander of the Ship called Almira ... lying at present in the port of Edgartown bound for Pacific Ocean laden and outfitted with Casks, Provisions, Ship’s Stores, and Whaling Utensils for a Whaling voyage... to depart and proceed with the said Ship on his said voyage”.

Document signed “Abraham Lincoln” as President and “William H. Seward” as Secretary of State; August 8, 1864, one page, in French, Spanish, English and Dutch, with white wafer seal of U.S., and two U.S. revenue stamps.

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William Howard Taft DS

William Howard Taft Military Commission Signed [American President]

Signed “Wm H Taft”, as President, and “Burton Winthrop”, as Acting Secretary of the Navy. One page on vellum with engravings of eagle, colors, cannon, Poseidon, and other mythical sea figures with blue wafer seal. June 28, 1909

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Woodrow Wilson DS

Woodrow Wilson Signed Military Commission [American President]

Document signed "Woodrow Wilson" as President and "Newton D. Baker" as Secretary of War; February 16, 1919, one page on vellum, with engraving of eagle and with embossed War Office stamp.

"Know Ye, That reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity, and abilities of Charles P. Summerall, I have nominated, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint him Brigadier General."

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sx: Woodrow Wilson Military Commission Document Signed [American President]

Document signed "Woodrow Wilson" as President and "Newton D. Baker" as Secretary of War; February 25, 1920, one page on vellum, with engraving of eagle and with embossed War Office stamp.

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Jimmy Carter Free Frank [American President]

Free frank signed "J Carter", as former President, on envelope to Roland Frye. With Americus, Georgia postmark, August 18, 1987. 19.1 x 10 cm.

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GOP Lunch Bucket Signed

GOP Lunch Bucket Signed by four Republican presidents: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Sr. [American President]

On a unique impressively decorated lunch bucket, autographs of four chief executives and nearly a hundred other members of the Republican elite, including: Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bob Dole, Nelson Rockefeller, Tom Dewey, Bob Hope, Barry Goldwater, Strom Thurmond, Spiro Agnew, John Mitchell, Martha Mitchell, Phyllis Schlafly, Cesar Romero, Pat Nixon, Julie Nixon, Tricia Nixon, Nancy Reagan, Mark Hatfield, George Romney, Happy Rockefeller, Judy Agnew, George Murphy, John Connally, William Saxbe, Robert Taft, Ray Bolger, Harold Stassen, Barbara Bush, John Tower, Maureen Reagan, and Barbara Eisenhower. Christine Todd Whitman signed the famous lunchbox in 1995.

Metal Thermos lunch bucket, hand painted and beautifully decorated, with rounded top, hinged at back with two front clasps catching at top. Interior lined with royal blue baize and trimmed with gold braid, the exterior painted ivory and decorated with seven GOP elephants of various sizes and with sketches of the White House and Capitol building. Height: 18.5 cm (7.25 in.) Width: 25.5 cm. (10 in.) Depth: 12.2 cm. (12.5 in.)

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Calvin Coolidge and Herbert Hoover DS

Calvin Coolidge as President and Herbert Hoover Signed Appointment to Examiner-in-chief of the U.S. Patent Office. [American President]

Document signed Calvin Coolidge, as president, Herbert Hoover, as Secretary of Commerce, appointing Eugene Landers. December 21, 1927, one page.

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Benjamin Franklin ALS

Benjamin Franklin regarding proposals for the humane conduct of war x: (o:) [Declaration Signer] [BOTD]

“I go with you as far as you go, in Proposals for diminishing the Occasions & Mischiefs of War, & perhaps a little farther.—By the Original Law of Nations, War & Extirpation was the Punishment of Injury. Humanizing by degrees, it admitted Slavery instead of Death. A farther Step was, the Exchange of Prisoners instead of Slavery…”

Letter Press Copy of Autograph Letter Signed “B. Franklin” as American Peace Commissioner, to Benjamin Vaughan, Passy, France, July 10, 1782; three pages, folio, on absorbent paper watermarked “J Watt & Co Patent Copying.”

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Dwight D. Eisenhower DS

cxs: Dwight D. Eisenhower Appointment Of Ambassador To Egypt During Suez Canal Crisis [American President]

“...Raymond A. Hare... I have nominated, and with the advice and consent of the Senate do appoint you Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to Egypt...”

Document signed “Dwight Eisenhower”, as President, and “John Foster Dulles”, as Secretary of State, one page, Washington, January 29, 1957.

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Dwight Eisenhower ALS

Dwight Eisenhower Autograph Letter Signed Regarding his Son’s Military Assignment in Europe [American President]

Signed “Ike” to Mamie D. Eisenhower. One and one-half pages. January 20, 1945, [Versailles].

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sx: ww: Woodrow Wilson Typed Letter Signed [American President]


Princeton, New Jersey 5 March, 1898. Mr. John S. Phillips, McClure’s Magazine, New York, My dear Mr. Phillips, I wish I could say at once that I would write the essay you want, and I assure you that I should esteem McClure’s as "proper an organ" as I could [issire]. That is not the trouble. The trouble is that I am not a ready writer, and that I simply have not the time for such an essay as I would be willing to have you accept. I have had your kind letter of last summer in mind ever since I replied to it; and I have a subject under pressure upon which I want to write you a paper, of the literary kind. But I must do first the necessary tasks of my profession, and I may in the meantime offer you an essay which is a careful by-product of my lecture work, but which is in no sense "timely". I have not the time or the readiness to be up-to-date, I am sorry to say. With sincerest appreciation of your kindness, Sincerely Yours, Woodrow Wilson

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ww: Woodrow Wilson Typed Letter Signed [American President]


February 20th, 1907. My dear Sir:- The task you ask me to undertake for the Sunday World is much too great a one. It would be extremely difficult to express in just terms any brief general estimate of our national situation, and I cannot think that these generalizations are of very much value. Very sincerely yours, Woodrow Wilson  Mr. Alexander Black The New York World

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Sold: Abraham Lincoln Bronze Bust by George Edwin Bissell

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Ulysses S. Grant’s Elephant Inkwell

Sold: President Ulysses S. Grant’s Elephant Inkwell

Inspiration For The Symbol Of The Republican Party. Black-painted standing elephant with gilt-metal blanket that lifts to reveal a brass and glass inkpot.

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Millard Fillmore Autograph Letter Signed

Millard Fillmore autograph letter signed to Humphrey Marshall, Buffalo, NY, September 17, 1845. 2 pages. "[I]t was my good fortune to be born and brought up...where negro slavery never existed, except in theory."

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Zachary Taylor’s Will

Zachary Taylor’s Will: Written Before the Florida Campaigns of the Seminol War [American President]

Manuscript document in an unknown hand, comprising Taylor’s Last Will and Testament of 20 November 1837, possibly the copy owned by Dr. Robert C. Wood (one of Taylor’s attedning physicians), with the first nine words possibly in Wood’s hand, [Washington], 16 July 1850. 3 1/2 pages, 4to, some minor water staining, otherwise fine.

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William Henry Harrison ALS

Sold: Candidate William Henry Harrison Autograph Letter Signed

Autograph Letter Signed (“W.H. Harrison”) to William Corwin; Spells Out Position on “The Vexed Question” of Slavery’s Expansion; North Bend, OH, December 18, 1839.

Provenance: Acquired from Christie’s auction, The Forbes Collection.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Typed Letter Signed [American President]

Typed Letter Signed as president, one page, 8 x 10.5, White House letterhead, August 21, 1934. Roosevelt writes to John H. Laux, commander of the American Legion Newark Post No. 10.

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