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Helen Keller TLS

Helen Keller Typed Letter Signed Re Recent visit with actress, Katherine Cornell [Famous Women]

Typed letter signed “Helen Keller” to Katherine Cornell, the noted actress, two and one-half pages; Newmarket, New Hampshire, January 21, 1939.

7.25 x 10.5 in. Truly a magnificent woman in any age! Excellent condition. Partial draft transcript: “There are sweet long memory echoes yet vibrating in my soul from the visit with you last Friday. You are all I have imagined and more...For to me you incarnate the American dream to fulfil [sic] the aspirations and longings of humble folk -- to give them a key to culture, so that they may unlock the treasuries of art, and those aglow with the Divine Fire may more freely approach the Muses to kindle beacons of self-expression.”

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Pearl S. Buck Review of "Hallet Absurd" Signed [Famous Women]

Signed "Pearl S. Buck". One and one-half pages. Circa June 1941. Fine condition. 8.5 x 11 inches.

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Clara Barton ALS

Clara Barton Autograph Letter Signed on the Scarcity of Her Book, "The History of the Red Cross" [Famous Women]

Signed “Clara Barton” to Edward Peterson. Three pages with original envelope. August 28, 1910, Oxford, Massachusetts. Good condition, Excellent signature. 5.24 x 6.75 inches.

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Pearl S. Buck AM

Pearl S. Buck Manuscript of Short Story , " Little Joe", Signed [Famous Women]

Signed “Pearl S. Buck”. Twenty-eight pages. August 20, 1966, Madison, New Hampshire. Manuscript for original short story about a woman who discovers her Army officer husband fathered a child while stationed in Korea.

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A. Mitchell Palmer TLS

On Hold: A. Mitchell Palmer, Attorney General, Typed Letter Signed Supporting “The Woman Suffrage Amendment” [Famous Women]

Signed “A. Mitchell Palmer", as U.S. Attorney General, to Robert H. Hollet. One page. March 18, 1920, Washington. Good condition. 20.1 x 26.3 cm.

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Willa Cather Signed Book

ww: Willa Cather Signed Book "Obscure Destinies" [Arts & Entertainment] [Famous Women]

Signed Willa Cather. "Obscure Destinies" Copy #244 of 260. Printed on Nihon Japan Vellum.

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Mary A. Livermore ALS

ww: Mary A. Livermore Autograph Letter Signed. Framed [Famous Women]

Signed "Mary A. Livermore" to Mr. Peck with card. October, 1871. April 12, 1892.

In sample frame.

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Janet Scudder AMS

Janet Scudder, Sculptor and Painter, Autograph Manuscript Signed Regarding Suffrage and Women’s Work [Famous Women]

Signed “Janet Scudder”. Three pages. n.d.

With autograph letter signed “Janet Scudder” to Mrs. Scribner. Two pages. April 28, [no year.], [New York].

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