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William Kaiser II DS

William Kaiser II Document Signed Translation of report on second Pan-Asiatic Conference [World History]

Document signed, “William J.R.”, c. 1917.

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Lafayette Biography with LS

Biography of Marquis de Lafayette with Letters Signed by Lafayette, Admiral D’ Estaing, and Rochambeau [World History]

"Lafayette", by Lucy Foster Madison. Philadelphia: Printed by the Penn Publishing Company, 1921. Biography of the Marquis de Lafayette in two volumes. Includes three letters signed by Lafayette, Admiral d’Estaing (p. 216-17), Edward Everett (p.362-63), Rochambeau (p. 254-55), maps of the Revolutionary War period and over one hundred engraved portraits. Page 276 contains a check signed by James Madison.

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Lafayette ALS

Marquis de Lafayette Autograph Letter Signed regarding "the cursed differences" growing between France and the United States x: [World History]

Twenty years after the American Revolution, the cordial relations with our most important ally had soured due to America’s neutral position in the wars between France and Great Britain. Autograph letter signed by Lafayette to Secretary of War James McHenry, December 26, 1797.

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Lafayette DS

Gilbert Du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, Military Appointment Signed [World History]

Signed "M. Lafayette", as Commandant of the Parisian National Guard, appointing Gaston Lorriere to the 4th Division, 3rd Battalion of the Guard. One page on vellum in French with vignettes showing revolutionary symbols including pikes, the cockade, helmets, flags, drums, rifles and the revolutionary phyrgian, or "liberty" cap on sword tip. Also shows the emblem of the National Assembly, with its motto, "The Law and the King." Good condition. Slight foxing, edges not even, small holes along creases, crease in middle to put in envelope. 10.5 x 8.1 inches.

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Frederick II Letter Signed

Frederick II Letter Signed Regarding Concern for his Minister’s Health [World History]

Signed “Frdch” to his Finance Minister. One page in German. November 28, 1780, Pottsdam. 7.5 x 9.2 inches.

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Register for 1776

Britian’s Annual Register for 1776 x: [Misc. Americana] [World History]

The Annual Register, or a View of the History, Politics, and Literature, For the Year 1776... London: Printed for J. Dodsley, 1777.

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Napoleon Bonaparte LS

Napoleon Bonaparte Letter Signed Regarding Consolidating Control Over Venice [World History]

Signed “Napoleon” to his adopted son, Prince Eugčne de Beauharnais. One & one-half pages in French. April 7, 1806, Paris. 21.8 x 17.7 cm. Napoleon gives orders for eleven post offices of Venice to be reduced to one, and the departure of couriers stopped.

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King Philip II of Spain LS

King Philip II of Spain Letter Signed Announcing Intention to Enter France from Flanders [World History]

Signed by Philip’s sister, Juanita, “yo la princesa”, as Regent in the King’s name to the Duke of Arcos. August 16, 1557, Valladolid. 21.4 x 29.3 cm.

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American Proposal For New Constitution For China [World History]

Draft of the constitution for the Republic of China written by the prominent political scientist Frank Johnson Goodnow. China’s Constitution. Dr. Goodnow’s Draft. "Reprinted from the Peking Gazett" n.d. Rare

This document is an original reprint, and as such, a rare printing. Title Page: China’s Constitution No date, Size approx 5.75" x 8.5" with light tears along some edges. 15 pages tightly bound in a hard cover

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