Franklin D. Roosevelt Photo signed

sold: PhS of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Photograph Inscribed and Signed (“Franklin D. Roosevelt”) as President, to William C. Dickerman; Washington, DC, c. 1942.

Provenance: Acquired from Christie’s auction, The Forbes Collection.

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23 x 29 inches, photographer’s printed signature (“Harris Ewing”) in bottom right corner.

It is not framed, and has no border or matting.

It is attached (glued?) to a thick cardboard backing.

The edges are frayed. Small tear on top right side.

It looks like pen was used over some of the letters in the photographers name. Some color damage by photographers name (from tape?)

Acquired from Christie’s, New York auction, described as "in fine condition".

Historical Background:

Like other leading world figures of the era, President Franklin D. Roosevelt understood the importance that photography played in shaping the public’s perception of its leaders. His prominent role guiding the United States through the Great Depression and as Commander in Chief of America’s armed forces during World War II guaranteed that he would be in the media spotlight and he worked to control his image accordingly. The press, less critical towards the country’s leadership in those days, cooperated by never photographing Roosevelt in the wheelchair to which he was largely confined by his infantile paralysis, instead depicting him as “a vigorous, jaunty, active president engaged in the many activities of his office, waving to the crowds, smiling his infectious smile” (Otis L. Graham & Meghan Robinson Wander, eds., Franklin D. Roosevelt: His Life and Times: An Encyclopedic View, p. 328). In this photograph, the President takes a dignified pose, holding his glasses in his left hand and a pen in his right, as he prepares to sign what appears to be a bill. Roosevelt has inscribed the photo in the lower right: “To William C. Dickerman from his friend Franklin D. Roosevelt.”

William C. Dickerman, of Schenectady, was President of the American Locomotive Company.