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George Washington ALS

George Washington Autograph Letter Signed regarding last minute orders as he leaves for Yorktown x: [American President] [Military] (o:)

Washington orders "the Corps of Sappers and Miners to be part of the Troops which compose the first embarkation of our army." Autograph letter signed by Washington to Major General Benjamin Lincoln, [Head of Elk, Md, September 7-8, 1781].

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George Washington LS

George Washington Letter Signed Regarding The Promotion of Benedict Arnold, The Posting of Israel Putnam to Guard The Hudson Highlands and Clothing His Troops x: [American President] [Military] (c: FT Exhibit) (o:)

Letter signed “Go Washington” as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army, to General Alexander McDougall, one and a half pages; Morristown, [New Jersey], May 16, 1777. Text in the hand of Washington’s Aide-de-camp Tench Tilghman.

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H. Iorys Hughes Wartime Plans

H. Iorys Hughes (o:) [World War II] Secret Wartime Plans For The Mulberry Harbors, The Mobile Ports Which Played An Important Part In The Success Of The D-Day Landings (POR) [World History]

The drawings prepared by H. Iorys Hughes for the Mulberry Harbors used in the Normandy landings of June 6, 1944 comprising nine detailed engineering drawings, plans, and diagrams, showing views, elevations and longitudinal and cross sections of “Reinforced Concrete Jetties -- to be sunk in place,” steel bridges, working platforms, decks, and yard, including designs for the “method of putting bridges in place” and method of “launching of slung span” and of “cantilever type,” neatly drawn and labeled, with specifications, in pencil. The series are numbered as Sketches 1 to 9, eight signed by Hughes in ink and dated between July 17 and August 6, 1942.

Individual descriptions of the sketches are listed below. Each sketch is professionally conserved, matted and mounted in an ultra-violet filtered mounting package, ready to be placed in a frame. A superb collection.

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Benjamin Franklin ALS

Benjamin Franklin regarding proposals for the humane conduct of war x: (o:) [Declaration Signer] [BOTD]

“I go with you as far as you go, in Proposals for diminishing the Occasions & Mischiefs of War, & perhaps a little farther.—By the Original Law of Nations, War & Extirpation was the Punishment of Injury. Humanizing by degrees, it admitted Slavery instead of Death. A farther Step was, the Exchange of Prisoners instead of Slavery…”

Letter Press Copy of Autograph Letter Signed “B. Franklin” as American Peace Commissioner, to Benjamin Vaughan, Passy, France, July 10, 1782; three pages, folio, on absorbent paper watermarked “J Watt & Co Patent Copying.”

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