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 Searched for: Declaration Signer

Political Broadside Supporting John Hancock’s Campaign for Governor of Massachusetts [Declaration Signer]

Signed in type by “Hosea”. One page. Circa 1787. Professionally conservation treated.

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Circular Letter Signed regarding the embargo of 1808 against British commerce x: [American President] [Declaration Signer]

“...all regard to the rights of others have been thrown aside, the belligerant powers have beset the highway of commercial intercourse with edicts which, taken together, expose our commerce and mariners... We have wished war with neither [England or France].”

Circular Letter Signed “Th: Jefferson” to Thomas Burnes and the inhabitants of the town of Gilmantown, New Hampshire, three pages; September 23, 1808, with address leaf free franked “Th: Jefferson Pr. U.S.”

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Thomas Jefferson and James Madison Signed Patent

On Hold: cxs: Thomas Jefferson as President and James Madison Signed Patent for Improvement in Power Obtained by the Rising and Falling of the Tide to Give Motion to All Kinds of Machinery [American President] [Declaration Signer] [Science & Technology]

Document signed "Th: Jefferson" as President and "James Madison" as Secretary of State, and "Levi Lincoln" as Attorney General to John Staples, Jr.; Washington, D.C., March 18, 1803, one page, vellum, with white paper presidential seal. Signed patent for an improvement in hydro-power obtained by the rising and falling of the tide to give motion to all kinds of machinery. Before the widespread use of steam engines, water was the primary power supply for American industry.

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Benjamin Franklin ALS

Benjamin Franklin regarding proposals for the humane conduct of war x: (o:) [Declaration Signer] [BOTD]

“I go with you as far as you go, in Proposals for diminishing the Occasions & Mischiefs of War, & perhaps a little farther.—By the Original Law of Nations, War & Extirpation was the Punishment of Injury. Humanizing by degrees, it admitted Slavery instead of Death. A farther Step was, the Exchange of Prisoners instead of Slavery…”

Letter Press Copy of Autograph Letter Signed “B. Franklin” as American Peace Commissioner, to Benjamin Vaughan, Passy, France, July 10, 1782; three pages, folio, on absorbent paper watermarked “J Watt & Co Patent Copying.”

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