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 Searched for: Free Frank

Sam Houston Free Frank

Senator Sam Houston Free Frank on Autographed Envelope. Framed [Texas]

Signed “Free Sam Houston”, as U.S. Senator from Texas, on autograph envelope to “R. A. Ewing, Esq., ex Sec, Hartford, Conn.” With February 2 postmark, Circa 1850s.

In sample frame.

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Hugh McCulloch Free Frank

Secretary of the Treasury Hugh McCulloch Free Frank [Misc. Americana]

Signed "H. McCulloch" on envelope to Mrs. E. B. Washington. Postmarked January 22, Washington D.C. 5.75 x 3.5 inches.

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Edward Everett Free Frank

Edward Everett Free Frank [Senator]

Signed “Edward Everett” on autograph envelope to Daniel Hall. Postmarked June 21, Boston.

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James Madison Free Frank

James Madison Free Frank with Autograph Letter Signed from William Thornton Re Patent requirements [American President]

Autograph letter signed by William Thornton as Superintendant of the Patent Office, sent under cover of free frank signed by James Madison as U.S. Secretary of State, one page, April 26, 1806. 9.75 x 7.75 in.

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Charles Sumner Free Frank

Charles Sumner Free Frank [World History]

Signed “C. Sumner” to Howell Cobb. Postmarked August 23, [1849-1851], Boston. An intriguing association between the leading advocate of abolition in the Senate, and a leading proponent of slavery.

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Henry Wilson Free Frank

Henry Wilson Free Frank [Misc. Americana]

Signed "H Wilson" on envelope to Samuel Morse. Postmarked November 29, Natick, Massachusetts. 14.3 x 8 cm.

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George S. Patton Free Frank

George S. Patton Free Frank, as General [Misc. Americana] [Military]

Signed “G.S. Patton”, as General, on War Department envelope to Mrs. M. Sielicki. Signed only a month before the General’s death on December 21, 1945 from injuries sustained in a car accident on December 9th. Postmarked November 23, 1945, U.S. Army Postal Service A.P.O. Excellent condition. 9.9 x 22.7 cm.

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Jimmy Carter Free Frank [American President]

Free frank signed "J Carter", as former President, on envelope to Roland Frye. With Americus, Georgia postmark, August 18, 1987. 19.1 x 10 cm.

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Andrew Jackson AMS

Andrew Jackson Partial Autograph Manuscript Signed with Free Frank [American President]

Signed "Andrew Jackson". One page to Major A.J. Donelson. Docketed by Donelson on verso: "Taken from a letter of Genl Jackson to the undersigned dated at the Hermitage Novbr 14th 1844?". November 14, 1844, The Hermitage. Irregular margins. 4 x 7 inches.

With Autograph Free Frank Signed "Free/Andrew Jackson", being an address leaf. Light marginal soiling, three seal holes to address leaf, remnant of red wax seal. December 12, n.y., Nashville. Free Frank lists "via N. Orleans care of Capt. T. B. Eastland [?] New Orleans"

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