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 Searched for: Maritime

William Henry Harrison LS

William Henry Harrison Letter Signed regarding preparations for the Battle of the Thames x: [American President] [Maritime Document] [Military]

“I am so well persuaded that the government will approbate the measure of receiving the men whom you may bring with you above the contemplated 2000 that I will not hesitate to say that I will accept them - Every thing is in a fair train for the commencement of operations upon your arrival -Our fleet is now off Sandusky bay - I shall go down to it tomorrow morning and take with 70 men to act as marines - I wish the Comodore to go immediately to Malden and endeavour to bring the enemy to action …” Letter signed “William Henry Harrison” as Brigadier General, to Governor Isaac Shelby of Kentucky, two pages with free frank also signed “Genl Harrison” on integral address leaf; Head Quarters Seneca Town [Ohio], August 18, 1813.

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James Madison, James Monroe

James Madison, James Monroe Mediterranean Ship’s Passport Signed [American President] [Maritime Document]

Document signed "James Madison" as President and "Jas Monroe" as Secretary of State; November 07, 1811. One page on parchment with scalloped top with engraved pictures of sailing ship and lighthouse, with white paper seal of the United States.

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Andrew Jackson Signed Patent

[P] Andrew Jackson as President and John Forsythe Signed Patent for Improvement in the Method of Heating Houses, Ships, & Other Places Denominated "Cochran’s Steam Fire Place" [American President] [Science & Technology] [Maritime Document]

Document signed "Andrew Jackson" as President and "John Forsyth" as Secretary of State, and "B[enjamin] F. Butler" as Attorney General; Washington, D.C., July 18, 1834, one page, vellum, with white paper presidential seal and ribbon. Includes a one page description of the invention, signed by the inventor.

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Abraham Lincoln DS

Abraham Lincoln Signed Four Language Ship’s Sea Letter [American President] [Maritime Document][s]

“TO ALL WHO SHALL SEE THESE PRESENTS, GREETING: BE IT KNOWN, That leave and permission is hereby given to Abraham Osborn Jr master or commander of the Ship called Almira ... lying at present in the port of Edgartown bound for Pacific Ocean laden and outfitted with Casks, Provisions, Ship’s Stores, and Whaling Utensils for a Whaling voyage... to depart and proceed with the said Ship on his said voyage”.

Document signed “Abraham Lincoln” as President and “William H. Seward” as Secretary of State; August 8, 1864, one page, in French, Spanish, English and Dutch, with white wafer seal of U.S., and two U.S. revenue stamps.

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John Ericsson Drawing Signed

ww: John Ericsson, Designer of the Union Ironclad Ship Monitor, Original Scientific Drawing Signed. Framed [Maritime Document] [Science & Technology]

Signed “J. Ericsson”. One page. June 14, 1847, New York.

In sample frame.

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