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We build museum quality collections of historical autographs, manuscripts, letters, art & rare books


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Historical Societies and Associations

American Historical Association:
The professional association for Historians
American Association of Museums:
Museum Quality Collection Association
American Council of Learned Societies:
Historical Studies
Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America:
ABAA, Association for rare book collectors
Association for Documentary Editing: Historical Documents
Editing Association
Industry Council for Tangible Assets: Rare Coin and Collectibles voice in Washington
International Council of Museums: ICOM -development of museums for the preservation of cultural heritage
Internet Public Library on the Presidents of the United States: Historical Documentation on the U.S. Presidents
National Archives and Records Administration: United States Presidential Historical Libraries
National History Museum and Collections
: List of Historical Museums
National Historical Publications & Records Commission:
National Historical Publications (NHPRC): affiliated with National Archives & Records Administration: preserve & publish use of documentary sources on United States history.
The Library of Congress: Historical Manuscript and Historical Manuscript Documents

Historical Museums

American Museum of Natural History: Natural History Documents, Manuscripts, Letters, Art & Collectibles
Museum of American Financial History: Historical Documents on the financial history of the United States
Rosenbach Museum & Library: collection of rare books, manuscripts, paintings and prints
Smithsonian National Museum of American History: American History Museum of Historical Documents

Fraunces Tavern & Museum:
The meeting place of George Washington and other historical figures, now a restaurant with the Sons of the Revolution museum collection. A selection of our inventory is on display at this unique historical tavern.

Recommended Reading

Most can be ordered at Barnes and Noble.com

  Authentication and Forgery Evidence
1) Pen, Ink, & Evidence: A Study of Writing Materials for the Penman, Collector, and Document Detective by: Joe Nickell
2) Detecting Forgery: Forensic Investigation of Documents by: Joe Nickell
3) Great Forgers & Famous Fakes: The Manuscript Forgers of America and How They Duped the Experts by: Charles Hamilton

   American History: Background Reading
1) Boisterous Sea of Liberty: A Documentary History of America from Discovery through the Civil War by: D. Davis & S. Mintz
2) American Autographs: Signers of the Declaration of Independence, Revolutionary War Leaders, Presidents by: C. Hamilton
3) The Book of Autographs: An Introduction to the Joys and Techniques of Autograph Collecting ... by: Charles Hamilton
4) The Presidents: A Reference History by: Henry F. Graff
5) The Signers of the Declaration of Independence by: Robert G. Ferris and Richard E. Morris
6) American Treasures in the Library of Congress by: Garry Wills
7) History in your Hands: Fifty Years of the Manuscript Society by: John M. Taylor

Archival Supplies and Conservation

Northeast Document Conservation Center: Document conservation and preservation information
Metal Edge, Inc.: Archival supplies
Light Impressions: Archival supplies
University Products: Archival supplies
Masterpak: Packing and shipping supplies