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We build museum quality collections of historical autographs, manuscripts, letters, art & rare books

Kaller Historical Documents does not hold a claim on immortality, though our collections are timeless, and will be studied, displayed, and enjoyed for generations to come.  The following pages detail our one of a kind historical collections available for purchase or lease.  

We sell complete collections, as well as build  customized collections for individuals, corporations, and foundations. Our customized acquisition and collection management program includes consultation, pre-acquisition research, physical inspection, purchasing, inventory, authentication and conservation, among other services. 

Strategize with us! We are expert collection developers with thousands of one of a kind items to choose from. 


Featuring a John Hancock signed letter protesting taxation without representation

Featuring documents signed in space

Featuring patents signed by Washington

Featuring one of a kind Einstein letters and documents



Contact Us: Kaller Historical Documents can
  • provide a list of museums that have expressed an interest
  • develop a historical exhibit for your corporate headquarters
  • produce a fully stocked exhibit built around any collection for your marketing campaign
  • assist in selecting unique and luxury gifts for men and women


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