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         Space Center Houston's quest to acquire the Exploration of Space Collection

PRESS RELEASE - Houston, Texas                                             

Space Center Houston is on a quest to acquire the stunning Exploration of Space collection of historic space flight artifacts. As its official visitor's center, Space Center Houston tells the story of manned space flight and the role of NASA Johnson Space Center - the home of astronaut training. Acquiring this collection would be an excellent addition to its galleries and would help to add more detail to its story of NASA. The current collection at the visitors' center is made up primarily of spacecraft and suits from the American space programs. Acquiring the many historic artifacts of the Exploration of Space collection would fill in the gaps helping to tell the complete story of manned space flight. Acquiring new artifacts from the "Space Race" years of the 1960's - 70's has been difficult.  This collection would include artifacts from both the U.S. and the Russian side of the story."

"The rare artifacts of the Exploration of Space collection would be an excellent fit into the space center's current timeline of spaceflight history. Visitors to Space Center Houston, including the many school groups, will benefit greatly from having access to these historical artifacts. Many of the artifacts of the collection such as The Space "Magna Carta" (Apollo-Soyuz) and the signed FAI Report of the First Man in Space (Yuri Gagarin's historic mission) could be displayed immediately. Custom display cases would be built to display the other artifacts within the center's Starship Gallery."

"Space Center Houston, a non-profit education foundation wishes to find a benefactor who would help us acquire the Exploration of Space collection. Such a sponsor would receive the appropriate recognition and acknowledgment in the visitor's center. This recognition would be seen by Space Center Houston's annual attendance of 850,000 guests each year." 

View Kaller's Exploration of Space Collection at www.SearchOfOuterSpace.com

Artifacts include: 

  • FAI report signed by cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
  • Vostok 6 Voice Box, recording the voice of the first woman in space
  • Official signed report of the Apollo-Soyuz US-Soviet mission
  • The "Magna Carta of Space": Certificate signed in space by all astronaut and cosmonaut crew members of the first international space mission--Apollo-Soyuz
  • Apollo-Soyuz Soviet and American signed flags commemorating the joint mission
  • Shannon Lucid MIR training spacesuit
  • Mercury 7 model display suit "Horace"
  • Presentation Album "Let's keep the ball rolling for cooperation in space and on Earth. Buzz Aldrin"
  • Bust of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin
  • Snoopy Poster: "There is only one important job in Apollo ... everyone's!"

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