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We build museum quality collections of historical autographs, manuscripts, letters, art & rare books

Alumni and Endowment Opportunities


Give Greatness
To diffuse knowledge is to diffuse wealth. Rutherford B. Hayes

The brilliance of Jefferson. The compassion of Lincoln. The genius of Edison and Einstein. The daring of American and Russian space pioneers.


The great words and deeds that have moved and inspired us can do the same for future generations. Consider paying tribute to your alma mater or favorite museum by endowing a historically significant artifact or collection in your name. Kaller Historical Documents can help you select the moment in history that best reflects your own vision and achievements, your endowment will serve as a lasting legacy to your university, chosen museum or institution.  You can develop a new collection through a single gift or a series of artifact donations. 


What individuals and themes resonate for you and your university? We can help tailor your gift selection to match the unique history and ideals of your alma mater and your vision for its future. See your accountant to review the benefits of donation.

To discuss our Alumni Program or Museum Donation Opportunities, contact us at 732-617-7120 or via email.  We can set up a private showing.

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