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 This main page of the Kaller Historical Documents, Inc website gives a preview of many historical documents offered. Imagine owning authentic historical American documents! With Kallers, your dreams are not out of reach.

About Us:  Kaller Historical Documents has been in business since 1990 and has brought the finest historical primary documents, antique manuscripts and U.S. historical documents to the hands of historians everywhere.

Historical Collections:  Collections can be compiled according to the desires of the customer, comprising a plethora of historical American documents and antique manuscripts.

The America Collection: This collection is every American Historianís dream. From rare antique manuscripts of the Founding Fathers to some of the most significant U.S. historical documents in existence, this collection can only be called a masterpiece.  

Exploration in Space Collection: Space exploration, with its mystery and intrigue, still captivates. In this collection, you can hold the universe in your hand via historical primary documents, antique relics from space capsules, and much more. This is history.

Presidential Patent Collection: As a result of a tremendous fire in 1836, the patent office and all the historical primary documents inside were seemingly lost forever. Yet, with help from inventers who maintained their originals, some patents survived. Gaze upon some of the U.S. historical documents, signed by the Presidents, which gave the world giant leaps toward advancement.

The Albert Einstein Collection: Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of our time, left behind a legacy of thought and innovation. Own some of his manuscripts and historical documents and in turn possess a vital piece of scientific history.

Online Catalog: This provides a searchable list of the historical primary documents and historical manuscripts that Kaller Historical Documents is proud to offer.

Historical Exhibits:  A partial list of exhibits that we participated in that showcase historical documents and antique manuscripts assessable to the public.

Links: Historical Associations: Organizations and associations that devote themselves to history, historical primary documents, historical manuscripts and much more.

Historical Ads: Some prior advertisements that show the beauty of the antique manuscripts and historical American documents that Kaller Historical Documents offers.

Order Form: Order the most well-preserved historical manuscripts, US historical documents and more! Email us with any questions.

Policies: View the policies of Kaller Historical Documents. Topics range from the authenticity of the historical primary documents to the purchasing and shipping of the antique manuscripts.

Contact Us: Email Kaller's to own the historical manuscripts youíve dreamed of having.

Register: Sign up for our email list.

Alumni Program: Ever want to give back to your alma mater, but could never think of the most appropriate gift? Why not give a collection of historical documents and antique manuscripts to enrich your school with authentic history.  

Sponsorship Opportunities: Sponsor an exhibit and help the world see historical manuscripts, as well as promote your business through added exposure. Spread the visibility of some of the most important historical primary documents and receive the kind of recognition you have been seeking.

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