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We build museum quality collections of historical autographs, manuscripts, letters, art & rare books

Sponsorship Opportunities

"Keep Good Company: Associate yourself with men [and women] of good quality"
-George Washington's Rules of Civility

Consider attaching your company's name to the great words and deeds of our forefathers. From George Washington and Thomas Jefferson to Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, our collections include museum quality documents and artifacts that chronicle the birth and growth of our great nation.  Americans are patriots, proud of their country and their heritage.  Your sponsorship can support that pride, contributing to a greater understanding of our shared history and beliefs and inspiring confidence in our future.  Now is the time to wave the American Flag.

The benefits to your company are not limited to the educational and public service value of your sponsorship. This form of marketing affords name placement at nationally recognized museums, while expanding your customer base to include a more brand-loyal purchaser. In a nationwide survey of art and cultural audiences, half of all respondents said they held a “Higher” trust in companies that sponsor such events. An even greater percentage said they would “Almost Always” or “Frequently” buy that company’s product over one from a non-sponsoring firm.  That’s far higher than sponsor loyalty figures for most sporting enthusiasts.

Our web catalog offers documents encompassing a rich variety of historical events and themes. We can help partner you with the sponsorship opportunity that best reflects your company's unique heritage, culture and outlook. Themes include:

  • African-Americana
  • Americana
  • Famous Women
  • Financial History
  • Judaica
  • Military History
  • American Presidents
  • Science & Technology
  • Space Exploration
  • World History

Sponsorship levels can include individual items, such as Lincoln’s Amnesty Proclamation, to full collections which include The Founding of America, Space Exploration and Presidential Patents.

When your company purchases one of our unique documents for an exhibit, your corporate logo will be displayed both at the exhibit and in the display advertising material. Consider using the documents and exhibit to launch or coincide with one of your major marketing campaigns. We can work with your ad agency to develop a campaign that takes full advantage of your sponsorship to meet the specific needs of your company.  Your company will be exposed to a targeted, wider audience.

Once the exhibit is over, there are many options.  You can donate your documents to any museum, keep the documents for your corporate headquarters or arrange for the documents to be part of a national campaign and travel to venues across the country.

See your accountant for the benefits of donation.  Contact Kallers to discuss Sponsorship Opportunities.

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